I've been debating on whether or not I should do this blog thing!! The other night while Doug was on night shift I spent sometime reading Jenny's blog (and was quite amused and impressed by the way) I also linked to an old friend Trudi's blog and was equally impressed, it was also somewhat insightful!! Then I thought there is NO WAY that I could be that amusing, impressing or why should I bother? Not to mention the fact that I am an atrocious speller and not very articulate with my wording.... will I be judged on my grammar and proper use of English?......this could be embarrassing! But I have to say that I think it could be releasing..... And when I was cruising I found myself laughing and even enjoying it. Do I wanna blog daily ... not really... I barely find the time to do other stuff.... but I think I will keep the possibilities of it open. Its kinda like a diary only other people have the opportunity to read your thoughts and comment, would I be honest with my writings knowing that?? Would they be honest in their comments? Do I wanna spend time re-commenting on their comments about my initial comments...... that seems like alot of commenting and when does it all stop? Am I obligated to comment on their comments? If I don't am I a bad blogger?
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I don't blog daily, and depending on my mood do I recomment. Sometimes there is a week before I write a new post. Somedays I post 3 in a day!! All depending!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I am guarded with what I do write. I share it all with you though over the phone!!