Kali and I hung out today and had a swim in the hot tub... she just loves the water. This picture reminds me of the chewing gum commercial where the king kong gorilla comes and scoops up one of the people eating the gum and does a blows fire from his mouth anf says burn baby burn!!! not sure if anyone knows which commercial I'm talking about.... but it made me laugh

Mommie and Kali hanging out in the car while Daddie tortures himself by looking at a brand new F350 Harely Truck!!

Just kicking back floating in my turtle

hanging out at BABA"S & Gran Mary's

Mom , Dad and I taking a road trip to A&W
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2 Responses
  1. Lucy Says:

    She is absolutely adorable.

  2. Pen Says:

    *pinches cute li'l cheeks*

    Those are so sweet!