Well we had our Ultrasound the other day and all is well!! THANK GOD there is only one in there!! JEN, PEN I know how disapointed you are. Everything looked great tech said I'm futher along than I thought I was. He got a due date of April 22 I had a due date of April 26....guess time will tell. Still not feeling great. tired, dizzy, feel bad cuz the house is in such disarray I wanna tackle areas but just can't. was all I could do to vacuum today......Dug tidy most of the stuff up... I'll find it crammed into some small space at a later date!! I don't care right now at least it looks fairly neat!! off to kick back and relax.........have the house to myself...for now!! Going to start my list of things to get done!! good nite all!!
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  1. org junkie Says:

    Shari, I'm so excited for you! Congrats, I'm so happy everything looked well. I love your little tickers at the top of your site cool. Hope you get some rest. Laura