This morning Dug and I got up nice and early to go get some Maternity pictures done with Kali.... I must say I had high hopes of her cooperating but that really wasn't the case!! I had all these ideas of shots with her but she was more interested in being in the shot without us or roaming around.....still she lasted awhile before she started to get antsy. I didn't get a look at any of the proofs cuz I was too busy chasing Kali around. Dug and I had done pictures before with Dwight, when I was pregnant with Kali.... lots came out good but we did alot of risky not too many people get to see them..this time we weren't as free spirited as last time. I'll get them back in the next couple of weeks!!
I should say to if there are any pregnant woman out there in the Terrace/ Kitimat area who want some FREE proofs of themselves get in touch with Dwight at he is trying to put together a portfolio of pregnant woman/ expecting couples for an exhibit. Its all up to you on how far you want to take it and what you are comfortable with..... you can tell him I referred you!! I'll post some shots when we get them back!!...anyway gotta go dug just made dinner!!!

Heres some of the pictures Dwight took of us when I was carry Kali. I'll upload the new ones when I get them. I was two days before my due date here... Dwight prefers to take pictures around 6 or 7 months you aren't too uncomfortable sitting,standing or its easier on you moving around but like i said i was two days away from my due date here....I was HUGE!!

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  1. Christy Says:

    Those are so good! I got mine done today and I would have to agree with you...I should have gotten them done about 2 months ago. I look quite swollen in them! But we just kept putting it off.

    I think I saw you at Walmart again but I wasn't sure if it was you! I just need to bite the bullet and say hi! So next time I will, if it is you of course!

  2. Pen Says:

    These are such great pics Shari and ones that will be treasured forever. Can't wait to see the new ones!


  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks Guys...Christy it proabally was me cuz I was at walmart yesturday.....I can't get to your blog to read it so I can't see if theres a picture of you there...cuz I'm not shy if I thought it was you I'd say HOLA!!! How far along are you? whens your due date?Good luck!!

  4. Christy Says:

    Hey Shari! I am 37 weeks today! I am thinking it was you that I saw. My blog addy is:

    And if you go back to my first month of starting my blog there are pics of me there. A maternity one I believe too!

  5. How fun. This wasn't popular when I had our son 14 years ago.