So as you know I'm back to work!!! Trying to manage everything is going to be work all I am is a worker putting in my hours. AT HOME its a whole other story!! There no set work hours....its go go go the whole time. theres no stopping or breaks. At home I am mother, care giver, maid, wifey (well sorta, just without the offical tittle) wifey sounds better than life partner or girlfriend, bill payer, grocery shopper,time organizer, : scheduler,etc..etc..etc... about the only thing I don't do on a regular basis is COOK!! Doug is much better at it than I. Thou I do cook every so often! so far all is going fairly smooth in our household. I am TIRED but functioning. I know, I know thats no excuse for me not to be blogging but really give me a break I'm trying!! I am not the best juggler out there...gotta find my groove first! I do want to try and up load some photos hoping this days off!!
Holly....whats going on have you had your lil bambino yet???? I'm patiently awaiting news!! how about Dave and his wife? keep me informed!! Well I am at work so this is gotta be short. I start days off tomorrow. hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    no baby yet, but Dave had his on Wednesday night...Teddy Bruce.

  2. Sharijoy Says:

    Tell him I said congrats!!! he must be over the moon!! You wait much longer you'll end up having a bebe on your birthday!! hope you are feeling great and its a nice an easy labour!! keep me posted!!