Auntie and Kali getting cuddles after brunch
Me and my BABES!!

Auntie Am, Uncle Jeff, Kali Joy and Parker My SIL and lil BRO
My lil PT
Can you believe last year he was in a basket??

Nice Surprise!! My lil Bro Jeff and his lovely wife Am (Natural Beauty ......!!) came to town for a quick visit over May Long weekend. It was sooooo nice to visit with them even though it was short. We got to see em a couple of times over the week end. Kali was over the moon to have her Uncle by her side.....she wouldn't leave em alone. It was cute too cuz she cuddled right up to Am as well. They don't live close to us so visits are few and far between. But she didn't play shy at all. Mind you my lil Bro is a ball of laughs and smiles, you can't play shy around that!. It was nice being around him for that I miss him and his infectious mood. So heres a couple of pics.....

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Awesome pictures! Am is drop dead gorgeous! But, you're not too bad yourself!
    BTW...Scott says that your native name should be....
    bux om mam a!! I got the giggles so hard when he said that! Not sure the Nyce family would approve though!!LOL

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thats Funny Jenny!!! I just found out that my name has history.... I didn't realize that before! Yeah Am is a Beaut inside and out!.....and thanks!!