I can't believe Kali is 6 months... where did all the time go??? I remember thinking before she was born all the THINGS I was going to get done around the house while on my MAT leave!! Thank God I didn't tell to many people they would of just laughed at me and said " So this is your first??" meanwhile they'd be thinking " she doesn't know what she's in for!!"
I mean I don't even know where the time goes during the day?? Take today... Kali was up earlier than usual about 6:30 am but we went back to bed till just after 8am then I had to dress, feed, clean up spit up etc.. she played I showered... enough time to make it to her 6 month Dr appointment... even thou I was the first one there I still didn't get in on time...(REALLY WE SHOULD BE CHARGING DR FOR OUR TIME!!) after that Kalis tired we still have to hit the post office cuz Nana & Papa sent a lil Kali care package. She falls asleep in the car I wake her when we're home then she won't go down.... the whole feeding thing clean up all over again... trying to do laundry.. and everything else...( was thankful that Dug put dishes away and reloaded dishwasher this morning before he went to work) Then Kim phoned and needed a hand doing a bit of grunt work... so I did what I could there... Kali went down for a nap... I folded and reloaded the washer... made dinner put some papers away... then its dinner... now its bed!! I need to clone me!!!! TWICE!!! I still have a couple thank you card to write for gifts.... I haven't even started Kalis scrapbook.... I was told by the second or third you don't do as much for there scrapbook... I Hate to see how much worse I could get!! If I could justify a maid right now .... let me tell you!!! It'd be sssoooooooooo worth it!! Tomorrow will be almost like today Kali has her 6 month shots in the morning.... goal tomorrow get the laundry upstairs and put away!!!
BTW I hate putting laundry away.....I don't mind washing...drying... folding... putting in the baskets.... I HATE PUTTING IT AWAY...I know HATE is a strong word... and I mean it that way..HATE HATE HATE..... I think I'd rather clean all three bathrooms then do that!! Dug couldn't care less if it made it to his closet... I think he looks at the hamper like a kind of dresser!!
Can't complain to much he did do the dishes!!
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  1. My whole year off was a blur. So were my first 6 months at work.

  2. ShariJoy Says:

    Work.. don't say that word!!