I don't know if any of yous has lil babies 3 months -14 months... But if you do I say buy a Bumbo seat you will not regret it... it is worth its weight in gold..( its actually very light) but you get the idea!!! it helps em sit upright... we bring it everywhere with us its so light and easy to carry around... she has her own lil seat when we eat out that I know is clean... at home she moves from counter to counter with me as I get stuff done... its really good for their backs... this thing is amazing!! We got ours at a toys are us... Thanks to Nana again cuz there is no Toys are us near here. but you can check out their website at

Heres a picture of Kali hanging out in the seat while I burn dinner... I mean cook dinner!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Do they make them for big people as well?? I am getting an ear infection and can't sit upright. It would be nice to have one of those right now! (cute picture! I love that girl!!)