Well heres Kali sporting her new helmet. Its a wee bit big for her.... but we hope with another hat on under it, it won't be too big. We'd rather have something on her head while we ATV with her. Not that we rough ride but might as well get her use to wearing safety stuff on her head.

Today Dug was outside building Kali a huge snowman. It was so cute..... funny how men do stuff you'd never think they'd do for love and their kids. Like swimming Dug doesn't really like to swim yet we bring Kali to the pool as much as we can. Going for walks Dug doesn't like that much either but he'll go if Kalis going. I can't wait to see how wrapped Dug is going to be by Kali.... he'll be sporting hair clips, barettes, maybe even a lil toenail polish... don't worry I'll take pictures and post em!!! Dugs been calling Kali his lil special K.
isn't he clever!!!
Kali's nicnames to date!!!!
wiggle worm
chunky monkey
snot-ter daughter (only when shes sick)
princess pissy pants
little one
sweet pea
special K
Dugs Favorite .....little doug-alena

As always I don't have much to say!! unless I'm on the phone!!! right Jen and Pen??

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4 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    She looks so much like you in this photo!!!! Uncanny!!!
    I'm feeling blue...don't know why! Seeing Kali with the big purple helmet cheers me up though!! I'm glad you got her a helmet! Talk to you tomorrow!

  2. Pen Says:

    pshaawwww, talk on the phone..never, lol. I think purple's her colour, she's so adorable and Jenny's right, she looks soooo much like you in that picture.

  3. Tanya Says:

    My sister's kids names all start with K and they call them their special K's as well.

  4. ShariJoy Says:

    I forgot boo boo bear!!!