Well Dug spent almost three days building Kali the perfect snowman. Nite one: piled snow sky high in one big pile taller than Dug. Day two: Spent the afternoon carving the whole snowman. head, body and arms to sit Kali in. Day three: dressing Mr.Snowman..... grinding discs for buttons, poker chips for eyes and mouth, ( hence the perfect poker face!!! Ha ha) spool of thread for a nose and an old planter bucket for a hat. hes about 7 feet or so tall.

Nana and Papa hope you enjoy the pics..... I know you think of snow as a really bad four letter word...but Kali really loved it. Cute eh!!

My time is ticking away.... on the 27th I have to go back to work. I need 600 hours of work to go off on MAT leave again. I do have a really good job but boy am I gonna miss my time with Kali....and Dug to. Now, really Kali will only need to go to a sitters for two days the rest of the time Dug or I are off with her. Dug and I are only gonna have two of the same days off.... which will be hard to get use to cuz we enjoy doing so much stuff together and time together. So I just have this week with Kali and my hunny..... then its back to the grind.... hopefully just long enough to get my hours.

I interviewed someone to watch Kali but my gut says shes not the one. I gotta go with my gut. I knew it was gonna be hard to leave her but to not know what someone is doing with her during the day is way harder than I ever thought it would be...having trust... complete trust in someone you don't know well or at all to give the care you want..... thats rough.
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  1. Pen Says:

    those snowman pics are the most adorable ones i've ever seen!! I'm such a sucker for a cute baby but throw in the snowman and it's a puddle of mush. Doug, aweseome snowman and think he'll be able to play poker with us??

  2. Jenny Says:

    Okay, the competition for snowman has begun for next year! I showed the picture of the snowman and his snowman building abilities were crushed!!!
    BTW, when's the next poker game?? You should invite Scott and I! We suck!!! EASY MONEY!!!

  3. Tanya Says:

    Holy Crap thats a big snow man!!

    I'm sorry that you have to go back to work, thats got to be hard! Trust your instinct, especially when it comes to your kids, it will never decieve you. Good luck with finding a sitter!

  4. Go with your gut. It never lies.

    When I was looking for daycare when I came back to work, I suddenly wished I lived in a smalltown where I knew everyone, once again. It was hard to find a complete stranger and entrust her with him.

    But when we met her, that was it. We were both so content. S flew out of my arms and stumbled to her (he was only 10 mos old when we interviewed) and he loved the surroundings and everything.

    He's flourished there.

    But we just knew it was right. That good old gut.