So I know most of you don't know my hunny!! Hes the kind of guy who jokes and plays pranks on everyone!! He's never serious and most of all he makes me laugh.... Mostly at my own expense but none the less makes me laugh.

The other day hes sitting on the couch watching Much Music... I come in bend over the side of the couch and wrap my arms around his waist give him a huge bear hug... that song " days go by" come on so I stand on my tippy toes still bent over on his lap and start to wiggle/dance my arse around... MR MONOTONE... says " We have a widescreen TV and I can't see any of it!!" to which I reply " Baby do I got BACK?" we laughed... hes lucky I have a good sense of HAHA. Some women would be freaking out...especially cuz our TV is a 52 inch widescreen!!!!!

Which brings me to today... we go to Terrace.. on the way home Kali started to fuss abit.. so instead of getting Dug to pull the van over I just unbuckled and moved to the back seat... to which I hear him say..." Now I know why its called a REAR view mirror!" to which I reply " You're just full of smart ASS comments aren't you!!" to which we both smirk!!

Last one but this is about Kali today when we had lunch at Gordos Kalis sitting in the highchair... I gave her a bunch of Nutrios to eat... I said to Dug " gee I thought she was going to be left handed like you cuz when she was littler she used her left hand more than her right but now shes using her right hand more than her left" To which Dug replys by scooping up all thhe Nutrios and placing them on her LEFT side so she has to use her LEFT hand. " There thats better"
I was laughing so hard... I said to him " Guess she has to be Lefthanded so it'll be easier for you to teach her how to play sports!"
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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    He's the Assman! Yes, Dug's full of those one liners. Don't bring up the medicine cabinet though, I think it touched a soft spot for him!!!LOL

  2. Pen Says:

    He's just an 'ass' man is all, lol. I think those are too funny and he's lucky you've got such a great sense of humour.

  3. Lucy Says:

    With attitudes like that Shari, you and Doug will be together for a long time. Laughing together is awesome...and you're right Penny, Dug is lucky you have such a great sense of ha ha...LOL