My man is turning into MR FIX IT and I love it.... Anyone who knows me knows that I wait for Dug to go on an out of town Hockey trip or Some kind of a sport trip and then I destroy the house I rip something apart and try to have it fixed by the time hes coming home. Sometimes I'm successful and other times not so much. Since we've been in our place at Cablecar.... I've reno'd my Mastercloset when he was at a Hockey tourny... Almost finished that one more shelf to cut and stain..... then I redid my laundry closet while he was at a Lacrosse tourny..... LOVE how that came out...... Then when he went hunting I tackled my main hall closet..... It came out pretty good just wish I could of made it bigger Dug and I have TOO many jackets and shoes but all and all its done except the tile work on the floor. Most times Dug will phone from where ever he is and say to me " So what are you doing??? What have you done now?" Sometimes I joke and say" Hunny are you sure you don't want to stay there another day or so??? " He tells his buddies and they all say " gee wish my woman would do and say that!!" So this time I decided to start on a project before he went anywhere.... I wasn't gonna do much..... We have a mainfloor small bathroom.... it had flowered wallpaper in yucky colors so I started to peel it all off... then I got a bright Idea that I would cut a hole in the wall behid the mirror and make a cabinet for Dugs stuff( whole other story right Jen?) All I was gonna do was paint .... put in the cabinet behind the mirror put up two light fixtures that we had from our previous home.... lay floor lino tiles which we had and say its done!!! But my designer Hunny got involved in the process and $ 300 and some bucks later we now have a new sink/ stand wood and white very nice.... because it did not come in ivory we had to buy a new toilet.... he didn't think the lights we had would look right so we bought a new light fixture and there was talk of moving the toilet to a different stop ( thank God that got nixed... I think that would of been a headache in deep disguise) To my built in the wall cabinet... well that got nixed too... much to my disappointment but in the long run I would not of been able to put it there anyway cuz the flu line was there.... which made me feel better about giving that up!! So Dug has turned into a floor layer(had to insert floor so you girls wouldn't get any wrong ideas), plumber, electrician, and gyproc'er which will also be mudder and sander.... so the project that I started I think I've peeled wallpaper helped him LAY the floor and held I mirror once or twice... passed him a tool and I will most likely do the painting. But boy oh boy its gonna be one nice bathroom!!! I love that hes now liking doing this before it was like pulling teeth for him to lift a finger on any of the renos now hes MR FIX IT HANDY MAN and I love it!!! Even when hes being MANDIVA DESIGNER!!! me, I was just trying to be cheap but if he'll let me spend it Yippie for me!!! Guess thats where you make it his idea and you get what you want in the end!!! I'll post pictures of the done product.
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  1. Tanya Says:

    Sounds like fun...we have so much around here to do like that too.

    You have been tagged as well!!

  2. Woohoo! I love rennovating - I just have neither time nor money for it. When we boughtt this house, we had to strip wallpaper and all the flooring upstairs and repaint the entire upstairs in the week before we moved in (we got it all done, thanks to the help of lots of good friends!).

    One weekend, we tore up sanded and relaid the kitchen floor, repainted the kitchen and dining area and recovered the dining room chairs.

    Our next tackle is the upstairs bathrom. I'm hoping we can do it in the fall. I hate working inside in summer. Everything needs to go in that bathroom, although instead of gutting the tub, I think we'll do one of those one-piece overlays on it. We want to sell in a couple of years and I don't want to sink too much money into this pit... I mean home.

  3. Jenny Says:

    I can't wait to see the bathroom when it's done. I'll be out in the next couple of days, depending of this head cold of mine.
    Have a great day and enjoy the weather girlfriend!!