Today I found out that I have another blighted ovum. They are quite common for woman to get. This pregnancy as happy and excited as we were.... just didn't feel right. I didn't have the same signs or symptons as I did with the others. In the pit of my gut I new something was amiss. But I WANTED it to be true I wanted to add another member to our family. I do feel WAY more emotional this time around than the past ones. I had it in my head that 15 months apart is exactly what we want and Kali will be at a perfect age and so on and so forth. I guess I also figured it'd be good for Dug and I as we are a lil older... closer together would be awesome. But what will be will be. I am not in control, I do not hold the power...What happens I do believe happens for cause or reason whether I'm pervy to it or not. I hold my perfect lil girl in my arms and am thankful to have her. We will try again in a month or two and what will be will be.... I am doing I just have to wait to actually miscarry. I have an amazing partner... even though he is a man of few words and doesn't know what to say or do.... he makes me laugh, he holds me tight and even when he says nothing its perfect. He doesn't let me wallow... even though thats not me to do so. If he sees I'm a bit off he'll do funny stupid things to make me laugh. My friends well there second to none as well...... I am surrounded by wonderful people, family, friends even bloggers who I've never met. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes... they were heard and well received.
I have one more doctors appointment tomorrow I need a shot cuz I'm RH-... I don't know if that'll help get rid of eveything or if it comes out on its own time. Again thanks for being there everyone.... its comforting reading your comments.

Guess I have no excuse now ...I gotta get back to the gym.
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  1. Jenny Says:

    You are such an amazing woman!! Hugs to you all!

  2. Pen Says:

    You're an inspiration Coach!
    xo Pen

  3. All my love to you and Doug, Shari. Take some time to grieve, it's normal. And kiss Kali for me. Actually, blow a big sloppy raspberry on her belly for me, because that's more likely what I'd do.

  4. Tanya Says:

    My prayers are with you and you're family Shari...take some time, relax and enjoy that little girl of yours. Take care.

    And yes...feel free to use that poem...I don't mind at all.

  5. Janelle Says:

    i prayed for you this morning before i even read your blog - because i knew that you would have written about the baby...i'm sending HUGE hugs, and i am amazed at your courage...feel what you need to feel, don't deny yourself that.

  6. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks guys.........really I am ok.. I'm a realist. I know that I am not in total control of what happens in my life but I can steer myself in the direction I need to be thats best for me. I won't let myself down... I choose how I feel and what I need to feel. I know that may sound cold to those who don't know me... but it works for me... I am positive because I CHOOSE TO BE!I can't see being negative having any benefit for me personally. Thanks again guys for the thoughts and prayers!!