Hello everyone....... hope everybody had a nice Mothers Day..... the start of summer just brings crazyness.....SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to do!! Iworked Mothers day but when I got home Dug had made a nice dinner and I got a wonderful card from Kali as well as a rose bush!! it was perfect...except the WORK part. So hope you all had a wonderful perfect day too.

I was able to see my friend Trudi for a short visit.... shes exactly the same as I remember her... funny, quick witted, huggable and all smiles. We weren't able to see each other or spend as much time with her as I would of liked but it was GREAT for the time we had. Again my heart goes out to her and her family for the loss of her father and Sams grand father.

Dug played Lacrosse against a PG team this past weekend and they won one game lost the other. we'll be going to PG this coming weekend... I can't wait to see my gal pal Stacey and her son Brett ...I wonder how Kali and him are gonna get along... hes older and more mobile....maybe he'll teach Kali how to crawl. Speaking of my Bebe....she is now getting her teeth in. she has two on the bottom that have broke through the surface and one on the bottom thats trying to come through... plus two on the top ones just broke the gum line and one is still trying to.
made the mistake of putting my finger in her mouth for her to suck on..... won't be doing that anymore!!!! shes got some bite for two tiny lil teeth.

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