I don't know if anyone watches LOST..... but I just love that show... I'm not even sure why!! I think cuz its all messed up and intertwined and ADDICTIVE. I had to go over to Pens house tonite before work to make sure I saw it...... she has Sat TV and we don't, so I can watch it earlier at her place. I'm still in shock from last week when Libby and Anna Lucia were killed by Michael. I don't much keep up with the tabloids but Pen told me that both of them got caught for DUI'S in Haiwaii...the laws are pretty tough there. Those idiots..... I was sooooo happy for Hurely... and dying to know how Libby and him tied into one another in the nuthouse. And Anna she brought some depth to the show.... knowing Jacks Dad, the fling with Sawyer,her changing heart.... the list goes on!!! Also a rival for Kate. But anyway.........I soooooooooo want to know whats gonna happen next season.....Who are the others??? What are they pretending? whos in the boat? what kind of power does Walt have...... The only thing I hope is that next season doesn't have soooooooo many repeats!!!

I didn't get to see the end of amazing race......cuz I have to work for a living but Pen tells me the Hippies won....I liked them!! The frat boys drove me nuts!! oh yeah I like Amazing race too. I think I like it cuz I wish I was on it travelling around doing cool stuff... But I think if Dug and I were partners on the show it might not be so good for the relationship....... might make great TV. I think if my mom and I were to do it the networks would give us our own show after just to see what my mom would come up with next and how I would react to it!!

Speaking of travelling............ Dug and I are going to go on a trip at the end of the summer.... my lil bro Jeff is getting married and we are gonna drive to his wedding in Vancouver...... but then Dug and I are thinking to either fly to Boston ( its where my dad lives) or drive to Boston. I think Dug is leaning towards driving down the motorhome and checking out the cross counrty trip. I think it'd be awesome but I wonder if maybe we should fly....spend two weeks with my dad come back go to the Puyalup fair with Dugs sister Kim and her family and Nana and papa( Dugs parents) then go to the island and see his brother Kevin and his Dugs Aunts and Uncles cuz none of them have seen Kali yet. But if we drive we won't have the time to do all that. We have some time to figure it out. A road trip would be cool it reminds me of Dug and I driving from Cairns to Sydney in Australia. That was a great trip!! anyhoo now I'm rambling and I'm at work so I gotta fly. Has anyone driven across Canada or the states? what did you think??? any places we have to hit.... or should avoid?
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  1. Tanya Says:

    I love Lost too! I'm looking forward to seeing the season finale next week. But of course we're going to be left saying, "Huh?" or "What the?" or something like that. I hope next season isn't so full of repeats too.

  2. Pen Says:

    ummm, am I losing it cuz I thought that was the finale?! LOL..I'm lost on LOST!

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Pen if the finale is next week guess who'll be at your house before work???

  4. Pen Says:

    TAGGED..Go read my blog to see why!

  5. Jenny Says:

    I'm back my darling!!! Missed you lots!! Had an amazing trip..reflected on lots and I feel rejuvenated. Started jogging!!!! I'll phone you tomorrow, lots to talk about!!!