I have been super busy this past week or so.... its just insane. things I should be doing are being put off and I soooooo behind on everthing its NOT FUNNY. I do like to work under unreal pressure... I know that sounds odd ... but the more I have to do the better I function. I could have a high demanding job.... and be all crazy and sound frantic but love it. I have to get my butt in motion and phone my sister in law I'm suppose to be lending her a hand and I just have'nt had the time. Dug and I are still working on finishing the bathroom plus we have YARD WORK like its ever gonna end. the grounds we have are nice but were neglected for years before we moved in and its all over grown and out of control... we own almost an acre of land and almost every inch of the it has some sort of garden or flower bed or needs to be worked on to get grass and reshaped and soooooooooo on. I want to make a mosiac path to my strawberry patch with a sign in the front of it that reads " Garden of Weed'in!!!" also I'd like a sign that says " Love grows here!"
As most of you know my Mother Helen... passed away three years ago and I've always wanted to put a garden with a memory spot for her.... with flowers she liked and a angel or mother statue of some sort... she liked for-get-me-nots and johnny pop ups and morning glorys and babys breath... I want to put a lil ponder bench in there to sit and think and enjoy the space and her memory.... I was hoping to get that done this year but I don't think we'll be able to. But it is something I will do...... Its so hard on Mothers day.... I know people loose their moms but what I find hard is I still have my other mom so when I go to buy a card its like " boy that one would of been great for my mom Helen.... and I put it back and read about 10 more that would suit her... then I find one thats suitable for my mom Vivian" My heart knows shes in a better place but I miss her..... I know that if she were here she wouldn't be able to do the things my mind wanted her to be able to do..... she would be 81. My other mom is going to be 60... shes super active and busy and is kinda like the energizer bunny she keppes going and going and going... problem is we don't see her very much cuz she is sooooo busy and we live 10 mins away. its sad. I'm thankful that Kali still has a gramma on my side but I'm sadden when I think at how fast she is growing and how lil time my mom has spent with her.

My mom has decided to watch Kali the one day we need to every week for about 6 hours......on her first day she was to watch her she forgot.... and I was almost late for work thank heavens for my sister in law jen for coming to my rescue. I was sooooooooo mad I coulda killed. since then mom and I have hopefully straightened it out or we'll have to find a sitter for that day. next week will tell. anyhoo its almost 9 and my lil one hasn't awoke yet.... shes been in bed since 7:30 pm last nite.... I know I'm lucky... she is one solid lil sleeper.

My love and support go out to Trudi and her family... her father just passed away and I want her to know that we are all here for her. I hope to see her while shes in town. Hugs and Kisses
Jenny is out of town but also sends her love, prayers and support out.
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  1. Pen Says:


    I wish I could have met your Mom, she sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I guess in a way i've met her because I see so much of what you say about her in you. You're a reflection of the love your Mom gave you. You're understanding, compassionate and a person i'm proud to call a friend.

    The garden sounds like it will be tranquil and a beautiful tribute to your Mom.

    Love you and sending you a big hug,

  2. Christy Says:

    I am sorry that you are going through a hard time missing your Mom! I just wanted to let you know that Canadian Tire has a beautiful garden statue of a mother with her arms around 2 children. I am not sure if that is what you are looking for, for the little memorial garden. Just thought I would let you know!

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks Guys ..... Christy i'll check that out were coming in tomorrow. thanks.
    Pen it is I who am sooooooo thankful that I have always been blessed with wonderful friends

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