Daddie and Kali watching the game in Red Robins

Kali taking over Great Uncle Bills chair

Daddie and Kali playing

Kali really liking Great Uncles chair... not wanting to give it back!!

Its just my size and I look good in it!!

Duggie making bubbles

Duggie wearing bubble

Duggie Biting tounge and in pain and me laughing!!!

As most of you know a couple weeks ago we went to the big city of PG for Dug to play Lacrosse. They got their butts waxed but the guy who scored all the points plays on a pro team for Calgary. Not fair... but for a bunch of old guys playing their hearts out knee braces and all against the young 17 year olds they did pretty good!! I like watching Lacrosse... I find it more enjoyable than Hockey....Dug plays both... but I find I understand Lacrosse more and can follow along better I don't have to freeze my tushy off!! Anyway I just downloaded some pics from our trip and I thought I'd share. The first couple to me are soooooooooo funny!!! Dug decided to buy some Hubba Bubba bubble gum at a gas station... so he and I proceeded to have a bubble making war!! of course I took pictures... the first couple are his starter bubbles... then one breaking.... then my favorite HIM BITING HIS TOUNGE!!! it was funny in the car....

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  1. Jenny Says:

    She is so cute. She is a mini-you totally!!!!