Dug and I have decided that we are gonna drive down in the motorhome to Boston Mass. My father lives there and I can't wait to see him and more important for Kali to meet her grandfather on my side. So far all we have planned out is that we will drive to Vancouver for Jeff and Am's wedding then leave from there the day after they wed. We'll drive as long as we can and stop off where ever we feel like it. SOOOOOO if any one knows any lil places we should visit or must see tourist stuff let me know..... I think we will drive USA side down and Canada side back. I'm hoping we can stop in Ont on the way back and see my brother, Aunts and Uncles as well as my gramma Joy.... I haven't been there since I was a kid. I would like to go thru Niagra Falls and also take a trip into Wonderland!!( I was there the day Wonderland weird is that?) I don't know if center Island in Toronto is still operating...but we won't go there in a 27foot motorhome...pulling a car... CAN YOU SAY "I WON"T BE DRIVING!!!" at least in any cities....I'll drive the lone highways....but no freeways. We are trying to talk Dugs mom and Dad into coming with'd be fun and a trip of a life time. plus we could use Papas senior citizen discounts everywhere!!!HAHAHA. I'm soooooooo looking forward to going and seeing the sites, visiting old friends, seeing old sites and how things have changed. Most of all I can't wait to have a big ole hug and kiss from my dad and listen to his yanky accent. " paaak the caare in the gaaar age" ... theres no such thing as a pop.... unless you want a popsicle.....its a soda....don't order iced tea unless you want a cold water with a tea bag in it!!! and my favorite they ask you how you want your hamburger cook...raw, medium or well done!!
One of my best buddies in my youth lives there and she will be having her third baby while we are there..... I have never even met her first two. Karen, Holly and I were glued to one anothers all summer long every summer that I was there.....those were the days...riding our bikes going to sunset lake, eating out, shopping, movies and of course boy watching!!!
I can't wait to take Dug around to all the places I went as a kid and the things my dad and I would do while my mom worked... like driving to Hull or Plymouth....showing him a horseshoe crab. Dugs FAVORITE team has always been Boston Bruins so I'll be able to bring him to the Boston Gardens and Fenway Park. Hes gonna be like a great big kid in his glory and I'm soooooooo excited to get to share that with him. Plus this will be Kalis first trip out of Canada... some adults haven't even done that yet and my 9 month old will be!!! All I can say is will load up on sunscreen and take lots and lots of pictures of our cross country adventure....So once again if anyones done this or part of this and has some cool places they saw or things they did let me know and maybe we'll be able to do them too!! Dug and I will have to start planning what we're gonna do!!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    What car are you pulling? You should come thru state side(Montana) into the Waterton National Park and do the "going to the sun highway!" The most beautiful highway you'll ever see!! Promise...

  2. ShariJoy Says:

    Not sure if we are gonna pull the convertible or take my moms lil car.I want to go TOPLESS!!!!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I forgot you guys still had Dug's black car! I'll have to come and take a gander at your mom's motorhome when I'm in town next! You must be getting excited!

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  5. When we were cleaning my dad's place out, I found the card you made Dave in Quincy send to me LMAO. Blast from the past.

    Sadly, the Boston to Halifax ferry won't be operating yet. Its supposed to go from downtown to downtown. Can't wait!

  6. ShariJoy Says:

    Oh my God Trudi that is funny... I only just lost touch with Dave about 2 years ago.... I've been trying to hunt him down but with a name like Dave Bradley ....I might as well be looking up joe smith!!