Soooooo SORRY to all my adorning fans..... The Halibut House hold has been CRAZY!! So this will be the same sort of blog!!

HUH... where to start??? Dug and I almost have the bathroom done.... since I painted while he was away.. he's installed toilet, sink, over john cupboard and all the fixin's for towels, TP holder and mirror!! SOOoo all thats left is the mouldings. We sort of started out in the downstairs office too! I hung up some wallpaper that we or should I say I will be painting over time..... it will take me months cuz I'm painting each square different. and Dug wants to put a half wall of tounge and groove pine to mimic wainscotting. It all started with me staying up till 3 am moving my desk into his office and his desk to the GARBAGE!!! I get soooooo much done at night when Kali's in bed and Dug is on Graveyard shift!! I just LOVE IT!! I have also finally got all my files moved and reorganized, labeled and PERFECT!!! You name it it has a file!!! from all warranties, computer books, quite frankly anything that came with an instruction book is filed appropriately, I even gave Dug some files for his crap!! It looks MARVELOUS and best of all FUNCTIONAL and EASY TO UPKEEP!!!

SO if Everyone was reading Jenny's and Penny's blog you will know that we had a great Girls Nite out!! not all of us could make it but the ones that did had a HOOT!!!! we went to Nunsense and laughed our pants off... not literally!! One of my favorites was when Sister Amnesia was talking about the clock with the 12 Apostles and how the big hand was on the John and the little hand was on the Peter which ment the sisters had to get on their Knees and pray!! You may of had to of been there to find it funny!! then Us girls hooked up with fellow blogger Lucy at BP and talked, ate and mostly LAUGHED!! it was Great!! We all headed over to the Northern after which we were told is the New Hankies!! Thank God we can make our own fun CUZ it was only good for odd ball people watching!! Penny attracted Mr Peabody with her thrusting moves to MUSTANG SALLY!!!! I told the poor old chap we were just coming back from a church meeting!!! It wasn't too far from the truth!! we did go and see NUNSENSE!!

Al and Brenda Cuddking up
Taylor and I hanging out.... such a good kid... She's gonna be our babysitter she is soooooo awesome with Kali!!
Two FRIENDS!! I love this pic of US!!!
Cameryn and Kali making friends.... 17months and Kalis 9months ... soooo cute!!
Auntie Pen and Uncle HAl ( AKA Uncle Zero) having a blast from the heat wave of a fire!!
This was the weekend of Dugs Hockey party camp out!! It was alot of fun almost everyone camped..... we used my moms motorhome and had Penny and Hal stay with us!! Kali didn't have as easy of a time as she would of in her own bed... but she did alright!! it was fun and I think we'll do the same thing next year. All I have to say is will travel and bring BLENDER!!!!

You are getting sleepy.........
Heres My sweet baby gril crashed!!! I missed it I was at work but Dug got it all on tape and it was sooooooooooo funny!!!! If I could figure out how to upload movies to this thing you guys would all have a great laugh!!

OH and my mother in law phoned the other day and said they are going to come hang out with us on our cross counrty excursion!!!
She also told me she met a little girl named Kali and asked how it was spelled and it was the same as my Kali so she said to the lady do you know that Kali means Shari in Hawiian... the Lady said " No,... but did you know it means Little Buggger in Vietnamese?" Isn't that Funny!!!

Gonna go and ENJOY the day too nice to be inside!! will post more pics later!! may the sun shine in your corner of the world!!
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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Those are awesome pics!! I have a pic of Josey who fell asleep in a bowl of know you're tired when...
    anyhow talk to you later!!
    Take some pics of the bathroom!!
    I'll take some of the computer room!

  2. org junkie Says:

    Glad to have you back. Those pictures of Kali sleeping in her highchair are priceless. What a cutie pie! And of course I love hearing about your organizing. Isn't it the greatest feeling when you're done! I live for that euphoria!!!!

  3. LOVE that pic of you and Penny. You both look awesome!!!!

    And Kali...oh I need to kiss her.