I AM: Shari joy....a woman, a mother, a lover and I hope a good friendI WANT: to end all suffering....oh yeah and to be a millionaire!!I WISH: on falling stars!!I HATE: fighting and argumentsI MISS: my mother, my dog polo and my fatherI FEAR: never seeing my daughter become a mother, holding her child in my arms and something unexpectedly bad happening to Dug that I would loose himI WONDER: how old friends are doing, Where and what Dug and I will be doing in the futureI REGRET:very few thingsI AM NOT: as smart as I'd like to beI DANCE: even when the music isn't playingI SING: even if I don't know the wordsI CRY: when I've had too much, when I see something that touches meI AM NOT ALWAYS: as happy as everyone thinksI MAKE WITH MY HANDS: whatever I can dream up... i'll try anythingI WRITE: lists, notes, cards and journalsI CONFUSE: Dug when I don't explain things in great detail...I can't say " you know the thingy.....where Jenny or Penny would know what I'm talking about Dug is LOST!!I NEED:to take more time for me..... so I can tackle the ever mounting NEED TO DO LISTI SHOULD:start investing in the stock market, loose some weight, weed the garden...the list goes on!!I START: soooooo many things at onceI FINISH: them in due time.....sometimes!!
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