I was thinkingabout all the places I've travelled to and decided to blog them sooooooo here goes in no particular order!!

In the USA I've been to San Franscisco, Las Vegas, Fort Meyers, Orlando, Boston and too many surrounding towns in Massachusettes to name because I use to live there!! I went for a weekend trip to New Hampshire but don't recall the name of the town!Sorry!!....Oh yeah and to the Puyallup Fair in Washington. Does Hyder Alaska count??

Canada, I regret to say I have not seen alot of our own Country, I use to live in Ontario so theres a few ( Sudbury, Toronto, Niagra Falls, Downsview), Alberta ( Edmonton, Calgary, Golden, Pincher Creek) Other places we just stopped in for the day!! and BC... Vancouver, The Island, Rogers Pass(Remember that Jenny??) Stewart, PG, PR, Smithers, Hazelton and Jaffery.... Stopped off at some other lil towns but haven't spent overnights there! I really want to go explore back East!!!

Mexico, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucus.... I think thats it for there!

Costa Rica, San Jose and Jaco beach.... and toured around on a scooter too!!

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

Bahamas, Freeport

Australia, drove from Port Douglas down to Sydney with many lil stops inbetween!! that was a BLAST!!!( we'd like to back and travel from Perth down to Sydney.. the other side of the continent)

Europe, this is gonna take a bit!!
Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh,
Ireland, Belfast, up to The Giant Causeway in Port Rush, Dublin, County Cork, the Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, and Kilkenny
France, Paris
Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Monsarrat,
Greece, Athens, Corfu, Santorini, Eos
Austria, Vienna
Czec Rupublic, Prague
Hungary, Budapest
Germany, Munich, Fussen
Switzerland, Zurich
The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Zwolle and Urrecht
Italy, Venice, The Vatican City, Rome, Naples, Pompei, Sorrento and Verona

So there you have it thats my list of places I've been soooo far!!I may have forgotten a place or two but I hope not!!....... So this summer we are going to take the motorhome across country to Mass USA ... places I want to get to stop and see are Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Niagra Falls... I'd like to see the Statue of Liberty as well but I'm thinking Dug isn't gonna wanna drive a 27 foot motorhome in New York, New York!! Plus I'm still compling a list of places that would be cool to stop!! We'll see!!!! I'll take LOADS of pictures and upload'em when we get back!!

So where are the places you've been?????? or where do you really want to go???????
That will be my next list........ the top 10 places I still want to visit!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Okay here's my list:
    British Columbia: Jaffray,Whistler Victoria, Vancouver (not including north of PG) Rogers Pass, Revelstoke, Castlegar, Nelson, Kimberley, Fernie
    Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Waterton, Pincher Creek
    Manitoba: Winnipeg
    Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, Vanscoy
    Ontario: Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Burlington,

    Eureka Montana, Kalispell Montana, Glacier National Park,Spokane, Cour d'Ilene, Detroit,

    Sweden (all sorts of towns stayed there for 4 weeks)
    London (2 week stay), Portugal: Evora, Lagos and a couple of other towns
    Spain: Grenada, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Agrigento and a few other towns (3.5 week stay)
    Spain: Rome, Florence, Venice, and a couple of small towns I can't remember Sicily (all sorts of places) 3 week stay
    Hungary: Budapest (10 day stay)
    Czech Republic: Prague(only 4 days!)
    Germany: Munich,
    Switzerland: Lucerne, Zurich
    France: Paris and a 5 day bus tour thru France.
    I know there's more but that's all I can remember!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oh yeah I'be been to vienna, Salzburg

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    I can't remember if I went to Salzburg or not?? isn't that bad!! Revelstoke for me too.....

  4. Pen Says:

    Okay, this is places visited but not lived and you two are so freaking lucky!!! What I wouldn't do to go on a European Vacation but somehow think for Hal and I it would truly be a Griswald style holiday, lol.

    Working on the list although not as interesting as the ones you two have.

    xo Pen

  5. Tanya Says:

    I won't even say where I've been cause it pales in comparison for sure. But if you do go to Mt. Rushmore, where I have actually been make sure to visit the cosmos...or atleast thats what it was called when we went back in 1990. Its a fun and bizarre place that is supposively one of only a few places in the world that is the center of gravity or something like that. It was alot of fun. I can't really explain it all, but there's this one part where there are two cement pads...perfectly level (you can bring your own level to make sure) and two shorter one taller can stand side by side and look normal, then trade places and the shorter looks taller and the taller looks shorter...really weird. So check it out if you can. And crazy horse...its another stone monument in the making...has been for over thirty years! All the heads of Mt. Rushmore can fit into the head of just the horse (its a monument of crazyhorse...he was a native chief I think, not sure its him riding on his horse) Not sure when or if they'll ever finish it, but there's a museum there too.

    Ok, long enough comment, enjoy your trip. Looking forward to the pics.

  6. Jenny Says:

    I'd love to go to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. That gravity thingy sounds kind of freaky. The boys would love it!!!

  7. ShariJoy Says:

    I saw the Crazy Horse sculpture on tv huge..... getting finished purely by donations into the park... ithink I totally wanna see that!! The comos thing sounds like the place called mystery spot...check it out at think that would be alot of fun too!!Good for the men to ponder!!

  8. You do realize that if you come all the way east, there is a place for you to sleep and eat and have fun at, right?

    Hint HINT.