Anyone who knows me really well knows that I love to renovate!!! But what I don't think they know is my renovations usually stem from the need to also organize. I like the love to organize and reinvent new ideas for my space. She has posted a blurb on figuring out your needs for the space... that is something I ALWAYS use when I'm trying to figure out exactly how to renovate or reinvent my current space. I begin by asking myself a SWAK of questions like ...
1. what do I want this space for?
2. What am I going to store or hold in this space
3. Can I make it a multi-functional
4. dream big... if I could do anything and have anything in here that would make my life easier what would it be??
5. I visualize my end result and see if its realistic and holds or meets all my needs.
6. I like to be organized but I also like out of site unless its something that is used all the time.

I think the only thing that I differ on the org junkie with is that I need to take in consideration the other people in the household for a mechanism for organization. I don't agree with this... my view on the matter is this...I, as woman of the household do close to 90% or so of the cleaning and organizing of the house. Once I've worked on an area and its complete I inform Doug and pretty much he follows it. As for kiddies I think they are at an age of impression if I tell then and show them the system I have in place they will follow it because they are told to. In time its embedded in them to become accountable for their areas and for them to be neat and organized. I do agree with Laura on if the system isn't working for ME it won't work in our house hold and will need to be reinvented.
my specialty is redoing closets!!! I love to figure out how to work my magic in a tight space and get the most out of it while also being visually pleasing and easy to maintain. I'll post some pics of my master bedroom closet and what I did in there.
Thought I'd give a couple of reno tips as well
1. Always when painting a room keep a colour swatch of the colour you choose..... place it behind the light switch to that room...that way if you ever need to touch up spots on the wall you'll know where to find it. ps if you bought a house and don't know the colour they painted a room look there first they might of done the same thing.
2. I always caulk my wood trim. I'll post more on that.... its longer than I thought it'd be.

Well I'm off have to phone Nancy.N and wish her a beautiful Happy birthday!!
She probably out drinking cosmos somewhere fancy!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Tell Nancy I wish her Happy Birthday as well!!

  2. org junkie Says:

    Yep I would have to agree with you Shari...hubs is pretty good about tolerating my obsessiveness to constantly be moving and changing things around. It is sort of our unspoken rule in the house...I don't touch his workshop and he lets me do what I want in the rest of the house...except of course when it comes to his stupid opinions on having dressers in living MEN!
    I have no decorating gene whatsoever so keep the tips coming.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Hey Shari,
    How did you get the bottle as a pointer!!Too funny!!