While I backpacked in Europe..... geez years ago now...I met a girl named Tasha she and I hooked up and traveled a few countries together...shes a real sweetie and I sooo enjoyed our time there. Its amazing how close you can get to someone in such a short period. anyway she lives in AUSTRALIA (yes you can hate her I know I do...for that reason)anyhoo when Doug and I went there we didn't really get a huge visit with her. We met her for a lunch date and it was great seeing her but had wished it was longer. But heres where it gets good shes coming to Canada in Sept I will get to see her for a couple of days in PG before she heads off on her adventure of hiking with huskies in Whitehorse...I think its a dog sled thing but not to sure as we've been emailing each other I've been more caught up in when shes coming more so than why!! So yeah I hope all goes well and shes still able to do the drive... jenny forgot to ask you shes going to stay one nite in Banff and one in Jasper any must see things she should do or see there?? I'll eamil her and let her know... she also need accomadtion in Jasper wheres a good but reasonable place to stay? or are there any Hostels?? anyway talk to you later hope someone can answer my questions.... I have only been both places just for the day!! Tasha can't wait to see you girl!!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Too bad that Amy just got a different job...she could have got a discount for accomodations.
    I think that there's hostels in each place.
    Yay...that's exciting. It's always awesome to reconnect with friends!!