Hope every ones Valentines Day was awesome!! Mine was really nice, Doug had to work niteshift...which sucked but in away it was nice cuz it was like Valentines Day lasted three days!! the night before he had to work nights was his 24 so we spent that together, then Valentines day we celebrated and the next day as well plus we planned a date night for us Saturday!! I guess thats 4 days!! boy I lucked out this year!!....but honestly its like everyday is Valentines day when you spend it with the person you love!!

Just a quick note to let you all know we are alive and well and getting stuff done!! Kali's soon to be new room has been stripped of clutter, trim, rugs, underlay, and wood strips. Its been mudded and sanded and re mudded in areas that needed it!! tonite I hope to re sand and cut in the primer. then all we have to do is prime and paint the room, screw the floor boards down so they don't squeak anymore...then lay the laminate and transfer all of Kalis stuff from her old room to her new room!! I'm getting excited!!! then I have to touch up her room for Parkers arrival!!
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