Just a quick post to let you all know that things are moving along pretty well. Dug and I are making headway in Kalis soon to be new room!! I'm soooo excited to be decorating it kinda girly!!! I've been working hard at trying to get my blog page together.... its frustrating when you are not computer knowledgeable!! I'm debating on getting someone to design one for me and put in brackets insert blah blah blah here so I don't play the guessing game!!! its soooooooooo time consuming trying to guess where it all goes!! But I try!! well gotta get dinner together and then hoping to finish doing the painting tonite Dugs been screwing....... the floor down ( what were you thinking) so it doesn't squeak anymore.....then he and I will get LAYING the new laminate down!! All this talk of screwing, laying, squeaking,and quickies has got me all worked up!! Hopefully we'll stick to the program!!
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