Well thought I better post while I can..... woke up to a poop load of snow, a cold house, no power... we are all electric (no gas) but thank god for the fireplace!!!!! FUN STUFF!!!!! the day gets better!! Doug, who vowed he was not going to snow plow the driveway ever again this year, had to get out to do it cuz we are buried!!! He finds our telephone line snapped in no phone...which for him is no big deal he never answers it anyway...which is a whole other post!! Then He snaps the wire on our winch and he only has half the drive way done so NO MORE ATV TO PLOW DRIVEWAY, Then the snow blower was being picky but he was able to finish the driveway. He was soaked and not too too impressed with the snow and would like to quit work and move away PRONTO!!!! I on the other hand actually enjoyed the day and the ugly as it was out there and as ready as I am for SPRING...which I think we will end up bypassing all together and going right into Summer(or at least I hope!!) I bundled Kali up put her in her sled and Alibi (the Dog), Kali and I headed out for a walk to the postbox and back which is a far little hike for us! and it was LOVELY!!!! she kept putting her gloved hand out the side of the sled and collected up snow and then would pile it in between her legs!! to was cute! Spilled her a couple of times going over bumps and she just laughed...such an easy child!! We got two packages from Nana and Papa today stuffed full of goodies for Kali and PT plus Dougs BDay present of a new Camera which I couldn't get ANYWHERE here so had to get them to pick it up for us but its super nice and Doug seems happy with it!! Thanks NANA and PAPA!! So we get home from going into town our power is back but no tv, talked to Nana via skpe online till we lost internet!!! We have cell phones but in the house we are out of range. We lost the power again and it just came back on sooooooooo thought I'd do a quick post!!! Please stop snowing!!Please get my telephone fixed quickly and get thoses candles out just in case we need them again!! Which I hope we don't!! And please Please don't let me go into labour within the next couple of days!!! Nobody would know!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I missed talking to you today! Sounds like quite the day. Scott had a HUMONGOUS hissy fit after he realized he couldn't turn the snow blower on without the electric wouldn't start manually.
    I had a guy almost take me out on the road,but thankfully I wasn't hit. When is your phone getting fixed...can't handle more than a day without talking to you!!
    Take care and will try to phone you tomorrow on your cell!
    Thinking of you!

  2. Pen Says:

    OMG wasn't this snow unbelievable!!! WTF happened to Spring?!?!?! When did we do a groundhog day thing and slide back to freaking Nov/Dec...please don't let us wake up tomorrow to the same thing!!

    Sorry, had to chuckle at the whole Griswald Snow Day fiasco at your house..lmao!

    xoxox Pen

    ps: Open house here if the same thing happens.

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Penny phoned for me and the soonest is Tues!!! WHAT I"M I GONNA DO!!!!!!!

  4. Jenny Says:

    I have no other words or response!