So I had to run into town quickly for milk and french bread for super..... So I do a quick tour of the store I had a list!! regular bread, milk, cookies for Dad and french bread. I saw a bucket of jelly beans and put them in my basket.. thought it odd cuz I had a dream about jelly beans. Then in the cookie aisle I saw chips on sale 3 bags for 6 bucks ...its something I very rarely buy but thought "Yeah I could eat some chips when we watch a movie" So there I am at the till unloading my basket with a guy behind me looking at me..... then I look down and see three Monster bags of chips, a big bucket of jelly beans, box of cookies and of course a skor chocolate bar for the ride home...oh yeah and milk and bread. I looked at the guy looking at me and at my stuff and I started to laugh!! "Can you tell I'm pregnant?" He just smiled and looked away.....he must be married with a wife that states similar things cuz he knew better than to touch on that subject!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    I'm still cracking up at this!! Can just see the guy wanting to crack up or say something but know all too well it was safer not too, lol.

    xo Pen