BIG THANKS to Penny yesterday she came over and gave me a hand with rearranging my bedroom to make room for the cradle and to clear out the last bit of stuff in Parkers room so we can start painting in there. She also took a look at my blog and updated it and changed it to the new format...... so this is what she did!!! Not bad till I can find one thats compatible with new blogger!!! That will have to be another day Pen visits!!! Right now I have ZERO TIME FOR ANY BLOG REARRANGING OR BLOG FUN!!!! Theres work to be done I have less than 4 weeks to go!!! isn't that INSANE!!! Really I could go into labour any day or any minute!!! Both Doug and I feel like the baby will come early. But Then we both think what if he comes on DOUGS BDAY!!!! guess time will tell!!!! Off to tape out all the trim in PT's room to start to paint!!! Sorry I haven't been able to visit any blogs lately.... Dougs been wiping out my laptop to make it run faster and on his days off I'm lucky if I get time to download my recipes for dinner!!! When hes on nights is when I get to Blog sooooooooooo tomorrow is his nights!! I'll blog!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    Oh Shari, no need for Thanks at all. It's always fun just hanging out and putzing around. Yesterday when you showed me Cruzer's little coming home outfit in his cradle it really hit how fast the time is flying and that soon you'll have your son in your arms! Just give a holler anytime and thanks for letting me help!

    xo Pen

  2. org junkie Says:

    Friends are the best aren't they. Love the header!