Penny last week had done a post on a reporter that was DISSING Kitimat.....I have to say not too many things get my blood boiling but I was quite upset at how he had portrayed our little community. If you take the time to click on the links at Pennys post you'll see the video he made and an article he wrote which has more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese!!!
ex.... its 55km to Terrace not 75Km, DQ has not been closed for YEARS!!!, There are other fast food joints in Kitimat, he speaks nothing of all the new development in the town only about the old run down building that are empty, For the size of our town and for the amount of people in our town we have alot!! Two ice rinks, one that holds enough people to host a professional NHL game!! I don't know the exact amount of people it'll hold but between 2000 to 5000 I'd say, an up to date new Library, New hospital as well as two grocery stores, a theatre and even though it may be for sale its still open for business... Can't BOB retire, without Kitimat being judged that the town doesn't support the theatre??? we have sports facilities, an Olympic size pool though old and needs renos we still have it and the community is trying to get it updated. As I commented on Pennys blog you show me any town any where that the once thriving downtown core has remained that way?!?! People move to new areas and start new development and the old section section of town is ignored until some developer decides to try and clean it up and revitalize it. But for now our town has decrepit buildings and empty buildings but its not as Dead as Dirk Messiener says it is. Go to Jennys blog and see the video that a couple of Kitimat Youth put together in response to the Globe and Mails article and Video.

Penny just did another post about this topic you can link to her updated post as by clicking on her name! Then click on the red writing to link to the videos and write up.
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  1. Pen Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I've just updated my blog with links to both videos again and it's at the top of the blog. Think i'll add it to the sidebar as well so it's right there.

    I think this is a great thing Danny has done and certainly hope more of our older Kitimatians learn to speak out as well.

    xo Pen