So like I said I've been BUSY BUSY BUSY.... Parkers room is mostly together, just have the closet doors to paint and the bedroom door to paint and hang!! oh yeah and to put PT in his room so he can enjoy it!! Not much time left!! I still have to pack my hospital bag!! LOL I know I know I gotta get on that!! Plus Doug and I still have to set up a bed for Dougs parents who will be arriving somewhere around the 19th!! Looking forward to having some company and some extra HELP!!!! LOL

Heres PT's room looks soooooo empty compared to Kalis, in time it'll get filled!! ( probably overfilled!!)

The Nursing station, rocking and reading....and maybe even my bed some nights!!

Parkers closet...... looks sooooooo empty compared to Kalis!! But a girlfriend Stacey whos son Brett was born the same month 2 years ago has some hand me downs for Parker!! Should fill it up real soon!!

This will be the changing station, theres lights built into the bookcase that have a dimmer on it. I just LOVE this crib set my mom and little bro picked out!!

PT's BIG BED..... I Love these crib to college beds, Kalis is one too!! it'll convert to a day bed then to a double bed and back to a crib if they want it to for their kids!! Great Uncle Bill made the toy box in the corner for Kali but It looks better in Parkers room so they'll have to SHARE!!!

So what do you think???

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6 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    I love his furniture and how different the room looks! Can't wait till the finishing touch is here!

  2. Pen Says:
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  3. Jenny Says:

    Looking cute...just need our lil PT in there!!!
    That's cool the bookshelf has a dimmer light in it!!

  4. What a gorgeous changing station! I am boring and just use the bathroom counter. The room looks all put together. I hope you get that baby out soon!

  5. Christy Says:

    Awww it looks great! I can't wait to hear when PT arrives! So excited for you Shari!

  6. org junkie Says:

    Wow, I love it. All of it! The closet is amazing as usual (I'm really thinking I need to do C's closet). Do you get your material at Canadian Tire?

    The furniture is beautiful as well. Can't wait till you introduce us to your new wee one.