The recipe for the BEST Orgasm!!!

Okay when I was given this recipe it just didn't work for me cuz I'm not a chocolate lover!!! So I adapted it to my taste.....and you can do it to your taste as well!!

Original recipe called for Chocolate cake mix, with chocolate pudding with crushed up skor chocolate bars and whip cream.

My version is!!!

I bake a french vanilla cake mix, let it cool and crumble it into a rimmed pan or bottom of a bowl.
then I make a banana pudding mix or a vanilla pudding mix,( I prefer Banana but sometimes is hard to find) spread that atop the crumbled cake
then I like to slice fresh bananas or strawberries ( if its gonna be eaten up quick) if not omit makes runny or bananas brown
then I scatter skor bits over everything
spread coolwhip on top of that
and top with crumbled skor chocolate bars I use three. AND VOILA!!! INSTANT ORGASM!!!!

but you could do what ever version works for you!! lemon cake with lemon pudding whatever!! My version has never failed me....the guys at work ALWAYS tell me its the BEST ORGASM they've ever had!! makes me blush really!!

ps let me know if it works for you!!! Good Luck Joni!!!
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