Okay...still no little guy!! I'm feeling really bad for Dougs parents they've come all this way to see their first grandson and PT decides to stand them up!!! Everyones waiting for this lil guy to make his big stage Entrance!!! Plus I wouldn't mind not being the size of a HOUSE!!! Doug was talking the other day about TURKEYS again, not sure whats up with him and turkeys but he was saying "do you remember when you could buy a frozen turkey and they had this little plastic pop up device in them that when your turkey was cooked it'd pop out!!" I remember this and got to thinking if my belly button is that pop up thingy "I"M FULLY COOKED" Cuz at one point in time I had an INNY!!!!! But I'm on the verge of an outty!!! As big as I was with Kali I never ever came close to having an outty!!!

I guess the only good news is that since Dougs on Vak and Papa is awaiting the birth of his grandson .....I have been able to get the boys to work on my kitchen. They've been working away for days...its almost there....I was hoping for my laminate flooring to get laid upstairs too but that may be pushing it....just with the added help it'd go buy sooooooo much faster and easier!! I've still been reno'ing even thou I'm overdue....I keep hoping it will induce labour but so far no such luck. Jenny and Penny both laughed at me today when I told them lastnight I thought I might of gone into labour cuz after I finished cutting out the gyproc electrical box I felt crampy when I stood up!! I guess its not every day you here an over due momma say that so t was amusing to them!! Me.......I just wanna get as much done as possible so I've been trying to do all the little prep jobs I could for the boys!!! and POOR NANA shes been trying to clean up tools and dust, and make dinners and we all keep asking her where stuff is and she's not 100% sure what thing or tool it is that we've asked for!!! But bless her soul she tries to find it anyway!! If it weren't for her we would of all starved this week.........And someones gonna have to fill me in on LOST I missed it tonite so I need evey detail!!!

If someone out there has one of those inducing labour voodoo dolls now would be the time to start poking it!!!!!!!

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Okay I had to check before I went to bed...ROFLMAO over the belly button sticking out!!!!
    I hope he comes you can get the show on the road!!
    Thinking of you my friend!!!

  2. Pen Says:

    Okay PT, when you arrive we're going to have to sit down and have a little chat about 'directions'. This will be a word that is foreign to most men but we'll get you going 'in the right direction'.

    xo Auntie Pen

    ps: Shari, maybe stand on your head and he'll head back the other way.....ROTFLMAO!!!
    xo Pen