So heres the scoop for all you popping in and peeking to see if lil PT has made an entrance!! he HASN"T... but if by Monday morning he hasn't shown his lil face I'll be getting induced, which also happens to be Dugs 40th BDAY!! Sorry Hunny... no PARTY but I did manager to bare you a son!! I really wanted to do something but with everything being so up in the air and not knowing when Parker would show up I couldn't really plan anything so maybe a simple get together with a few friends afterwards will have to do!!

So heres my story for know you are overdue and ready to go into labour when you only fit into two pair of pants......well that was two pair until today!!! We all went to Terrace today to do taxes and stuff and I went into Ronas to look at kitchen stuff but first thought I should try Kali on the potty so off we went!! I get her pants all pulled down, I crouch down and literally split my pants from the crotch to the top of my had to be a foot and a half rip at least!!! GREAT!!!!!! I phone Dug on the cell and ask him to bring my jacket from the car to me at the restrooms he says why??? I say go ahead laugh ...I blew a huge hole out in my pants!! he says " The backed up PSI pressure in there must be pretty intense....Parker better come soon or he could be shooting outta there!!!" So I spent a good chunk of the day walking around Terrace with a jacket wrapped around my butt until I could find a pair of pants BIG enough to cover my double decker multi level arse!!! On an up note at least Kali peed on the potty!!

So if you are popping in and peeking stop by and say HI I'm wondering who all is peeking but NOONE ever leaves a comment......

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  1. Pen Says:

    k, still laughing over this one....I told Hal and he says "Well that wasn't nice to laugh about!" I burst out laughing again at his seriousness and the absolute funniness of the situation....he started to laugh a bit and says "Okay, it's a little funny but your not a nice friend!"

    LOL. Thank goodness you won't have to worry about this soon Shari!!

    Hugs n' hurry up loves,

  2. org junkie Says:

    Oh my gosh did I ever laugh over this one Shari! And you know it's because I've totally been
    My guess was today but it looks like I'm wrong...drat!
    Hope everything goes smoothly for you :)

  3. paleraven50 Says:

    Hi Shari, Yes I to laughed at the split pants but not a real hearty laugh cause then I thought oh what if when you bent over your water had broke in there and everything started to happen real fast and then I thought the ripped jeans didn't seem to bad. Like Laura my guess was for today as well Parker will come when he is done in there I feel for you make sure you are getting lots of rest. Thanks for keeping us all in touch with your pregnancy I know I have enjoyed it it is so exciting. Take care Sue