I know you all think I'm a blog SLACKER!!! but truth is I really really haven't had the time to update. As most of you know I had a c section...and I have had a rocky road to recovery!!! I feel awesome but I know my body and its not right!! Right from being induced till now its been a up and down journey!!! I didn't think PT was gonna make Dougs bday.....and by rights he shouldn't of. I was induced twice that day and DR.B asked us to come back in the evening to be monitored and get a stress test done. I was having minor contractions.....and this was around 7 pm. I was hooked up to the stress test monitor and both Dug and I napped through it. The nurse came in and said she was gonna check me and send me home and to come back if I feel more contractions or if I start to spot or if my water breaks she said she thinks this baby would come fast cuz my last labour was logged as three hours and the second is usually faster. She checked to see how far I was dilated and I was 2cm but there was a bit of blood so she said she was just gonna check again and and changed gloves and I was then 4cm and I could feel blood and clots coming out of me. She started to "MOVE" trying to get an IV started 4 or 5 times later I had one and I needed Strep med so I got that then Dr B said It wasn't good and left he said we were gonna have to do a placenta had torn away from my uterus and the blood flow was being limited or cut off to the baby and emptying into me...another Dr comes in and says out loud I don't see fetal movement on the stress test monitor......(insert mass worry here on my part) I was getting wheeled off to the O.R and was feeling scared, and nervous and gave Doug a kiss and told him I loved just never know what life has instore for you.....and you need to make the best of what time you have and to say the the lil things just incase you don't get a chance to. next thing the nurse did a Doppler test and I could hear his heart beat so I relaxed abit and knew he'd be out very soon.

Next thing I'm being wheeled out to my room and I get to see my son for the first time...... I was groggy and half in and out of consciousness but it was such a great moment knowing he was okay and we were a family of four now and the look in Dougs eyes of joy and love made everything okay!! I have to say it wasn't until the next day that I got a really good look at my boy...and he is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

I guess they left Dug in the lunch room of the O.R staff so he wasn't the first to see Parker.... Papa was. Which made Papas day.

I've had problems off and on since then in the hospital my arm from the IV swelled up to the size of Martin Shorts face in that movie ( I think was called Dumb Luck) so they took me off of it. I got an post op infection in the incision. So back on antibiotics I went but only for a day and a half then I was sent home. At home my incision was weeping and infected so back to the Docs office for more antibiotics. By the end of the seven days I was on them i got a rash from them. Then I started to discharge a gel stuff so back to the Docs Office I went...but I'm allergic to penicillin and now what ever other antibiotic they gave me so it limits what they can prescribe to me plus I'm nursing soooooooo that cuts out even more. So off they sent me to the Hospital for 2 and a 1/2 days of IV/antibiotic treatments......there was or is a Norwalk virus scare at the Hospital so I couldn't bring PT to nurse so he was on formula while I was not at home. Soooooooo after all that I spent one day last week in the Docs Office from 1:45 pm until I got home at 8:30 pm...... see Doc go to Hosp for ultrasound....have uterus infection, cysts on one ovary,and small particular still in uterus...back to Docs office.....back to Hosp for blood work....wait for Doc from Terrace to view ultrasound and determine whether I need D&C or not....thank God not....go to Shoppers for more antibiotic and voila here we are!!!

The thing is I feel really good and have since the 2nd week, but I didn't want to push anything or overdue it and prolong my innards healing.

On a funny note while in the Hospital Doug had to use the LOO and Kali went in with him well Doug got a big surprise when a nurse opened the bathroom door has he was peeing cuz Kali had pulled on the HELP cord!!!

I will try and upload pics tonite or tomorrow.

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4 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    OMG, LMAO about the help cord. Maybe Kali thought Daddy needed help going potty like she does..hehehehe. I'm glad you know what's going on and hope that from here on in things go a heckuva lot smoother. As for you being a blog slacker....HELLOOOOOO!?!?!?! 20 Month old and 1 month old, lol. You crazy woman.

    xoxox Pen

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yeah I echo aren't a blog slacker girlfriend, you're a busy mom to 2 under the age of 2!
    I love reading your updates, eventhough I could have written them for you!
    Are you going to PG? Are you sick of me asking you? What's on your agenda this weekend?
    Big hugs to you....
    and Pen....
    I miss you too!!!!

  3. paleraven50 Says:

    Hi Shari, I really disagree, with the blog slacker comment. Come on now 2 babys and your healing process. Thank you for sharing with us, I was wondering how you were doing and if everything had gone ok now I know it hadn't thank heavens for small miracles such as PT hey. I hope you have been able to enjoy this sun its good for your milk. Well thats what my mom said, about me when i had tash in July. Take care of yourself and happy to hear from you again. Sue H.

  4. paleraven50 Says:

    hi shari, oh wow look at the boy now he is so big, and alert. hey shari can i ask you something are you not tired of laying on your back i mean its a beautiful pic of you Kali and Doug but come on now sit up and I think you will feel better lol. I chuckle everytime I see you laying there relaxing (posing) have a good day Sue