Kali and Papa on her first Birthday
Kali Joy one day old in Daddies hands
My lil one in my arms
Kali joy a couple of weeks old
KJ on her first BDay wearing Papas hat
" Reach for the
stars baby can do anything you put your mind too!!"

Where does the time go?? my lil one is two today!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? Its crazy how fast this time goes by. you sneeze and their walking and talking and getting in to everything....asking to tinkle or poop and I look at her and think..." YOU ARE ONLY TWO" you should be more babyish... but shes not and with each day she grows and learns and I'm in complete awe!!! I love her with all my heart and soul she is an extension of me. I will live on through her and so the circle of life rolls!! I can't believe how cute and funny and smart she is.... she is her own lil being full of life and love and smiles!! If I could lay out a path for her I'd want it to be good but not perfect... I think she needs to discover on her own what is right and wrong but I do not want her to suffer or ever feel pain or hunger but at the same time I think it is better for her to know these things so you will strive to help others or to better yourself and the world we live in. some things just can't be taught they need to be matter what is come in life for her I will always be there, with a hug, a smile, a kiss, a shoulder or advice. its my job as her Mother and one I love every every much!! She is my lil JOY!! I hope I never fail you as your mom, I pray I can teach you and guide you to be a good and loving child, girl and woman. I cherish every moment I have with you!! Happy 2nd birthday big girl!! love you more than words could ever say and am sooooooooo thankful for you!!

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