Yes, Yes I am still alive and kicking....well more like does one keep up!!! two wee ones two and under, a dog, a man who knows how to do laundry but chooses not to and a house full of never ending projects or renos or cleaning tasks!!! Our summer went by in a blink, well what lil summer we had!! I thought it was gonna be soooooooooo different from what it was!! Duggie was off on Parental leave and me on my Mat leave soooo I figured we'd have great days of going to the lake or rupert for the day maybe stewart...but all went by too too too fast!! We were able to accomplish clearing out trees and removing the side hill down our property line to increase our yard. plus we had a shop at the side of the house that we raised and skidded to the back yard. theres a few more trees and abit of the hill left to contend with but all and all its coming along. I haven't been able to get out there and help as much as I would of liked!! But our neighbour Tractor Joe( thats what Kali calls him) and soooo it stuck!! anyway he has been a great influence on Dug!! hes a retired fellow with more get up and go than most twenty year olds!! He'll come over and crack the whip on Dug and get him busy around the house readying stuff for him and his back hoe!! Dug needs to go back to work for a break!! and so do I!!! Thank God for all my friends and Aunties they have been great with taking my kidlets from time to time to give me sometime to help Dug!!
About the kidlets!!!! Parker is a lil feeding smiling gigling beast!! soon we will have to get a new carseat for him hes so big!!...actually two one for my van and one for the truck!! Its a pain switching them back and forth.Kali is growing and trying to talk up a storm!! its sooooooooo amazing what she knows!! before I had kids I would of thought two years old was still a little baby but it isn't...its crazy how much of a lil person she is!! Shes asking to go tinkle now and soon I think she'll be in big girl panties!! only problem is shes too little to get on and off the toilet on her own!! I've got some pictures I'll upload of her bday princess and pirate party and some randoms of the last few months!! Parker is such a good baby.... Kali was good Parker is amazing!! I know I'll have HELL to pay when they are teenagers!!!well I gotta run right now but for all of those who wanted an update there you be...sorry its all I have time for at the moment!! I will try to blog more often for all you who still come and visit and give me crap when I see you!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

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  1. paleraven50 Says:

    hi shari, wow you reallly caught up, once again it was nice visiting with you at debis for nancys party. your summer pics are great, kali looks like she had fun at her party, she is such a little princess, and i can not believe how big Parker has gotten, all that good mommys milk right. nothing but the best. i finally started a blog and i think i went thru your instructions to do it so thank you again for suggesting it. i still have tons to learn, i need tasha or one of the experts to help me out. like the friend links and a picture etc. it will come. yup i guess our summer is over now right. eeeeekkk. what we had you take care now and enjoy the time with your kiddies ok. ttyl sue