My bro Heath and I
Kali enjoying a cold one
Our lil pirate
Dozer attacking the killer balloon
smiley guy
Hal sooooooo proud
Dylan holding his baby cousin

Miss KJ getting help with her presents
The princess on her thrown
bright eyes that melt me
sibling bliss

Auntie Nancy and KJ
1st mateAuntie Sharole and Lil Miss
Smile y'all...or walk the plank
KJ's was YUMMY
our lil princess

Parker hanging about
Daddie and son
Daddie and kidlets
Alibi and Dad
Just resting a minute...parties are tiring!!

My gal pal Kim at her best......right Auntie??
now thats a water cannon
Surprise NANA!!
Uncle George hows my finger taste??
our new Harley truck.....(2005 for Kalis birth year and Blue for Parkers eyes!!!)

KJ....working hard
Tractor Kali Joy
just chilling with my cousin Ella Rose
PT Hanging with Papa.....assume the position!!
Parker Thomas
Captian Kali
Parker just being his happy self
napping on mom
I love this place!!
Thats all the photos for now will try to blog later....have a good day enjoy the photos!!

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1 Response
  1. Jenny Says:

    My fav is Princess on the throne. That's one you'll have to use for her 16th birthday announcement in the newspaper!!