Laura, Penny and I embarked on an adventure lastnite Something I have never done before!!! As we entered the building I was in AWE it was nothing what I thought it was going to be like!! It was clean and open and very nice, I let Pen take the lead...I'd never done it so didn't know what to do or how to ask for it so I JUST watched her first. Then it was my turn I was nervous, my body tightened, I didn't know what to do or say so I just blurted out to the guy " I'm a BINGO VIRGIN!!!" and he laughed trying to make me feel at ease, he set me up on the computer and I bought cards you have to dab as well...I was all set...sorta....till we sat down!! We entered late..apparently not the thing to need time to set up all your stuff and get situated so I was frazzled from the get go. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS IN FOR!!! Theres an instruction sheet for the night to follow ....its very, very helpful!! if you have a basic knowledge of BINGO!! Thank GOD Penny and Laura did!! So there we sat dabbers in hand awaiting numbers!! Its going so fast and we started late so poor Pen was trying to help me out in between numbers being called to show me where I could see the next number to be I could try and stay ahead of the game...finally I settled into a nice lil pace....Pen kept updating my computer for me until I was capable of doing that myself and dabbing. As it was a had a full line and didn't know it till someone else called BINGO!! but I did win almost two dollars!! YEAH FOR ME!! Laura won 10 bucks and Pen 15.....The funniest thing was Penny leans over and says to me "I knew I should of brought a GLUE STICK!!!" I laughed so hard.....apparently it holds the sheets all together nicely so you can dab better. At the end of the night after I stood up my back was sooooo sore and tense from dabbing and the stress of it all!! This is suppose to be fun and relaxing?? So after bingo we went to the Northern for a drink or two...watching people is sheer entertainment!!! is it me or are the 19 year olds looking 12!!! I don't think I looked that young...but then again I still think and feel like I'm in my twenties...and of course I HAVEN"T AGED ABIT!!! So I told Laura and Pen I had fun and I would do it again sometime!!...actually I said" So I may have lost my bingo cherry but I still don't know what I'm doing!!"

So this morning I take my purple dabber out of my purse and show Doug he laughs and says"I bet the company who makes those things purposely shape them that way so it will remind woman of SOMETHING ELSE and you'll want one in every color!!!" LOL the funny thing is when Pen and I bought them lastnite... we were thinking that very thing!!

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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    I was bummed that I couldn't go out bingoing with you it called bingoing?
    I'm sure I would have noticed the phallic symbol of the dabber. I didn't think they used dabbers anymore?

  2. paleraven50 Says:

    to funny, i have never been to bingo either lots of gals i know go even on new years eve for some big event but can't say as i have ever been. hey shari, you oh never mind you are not old enough but if you took your mom you could go to bingo at the seniors center here in kitimat, haha i don't think the money is as high as what you could get in terrace tho. glad you gals had fun. ttyl

  3. Pen Says:

    Still think you should have told the other version of your story, that would have been so funny!

    Bingo was fun, i'd like to go more often then once every 10 years and to be able to enjoy it with less stress, lol.