I know most ( Okay ALL) of my readers could care less about watching a baseball game......I don't know what it is that makes me LOVE ball soooooo much. I know most people find it boring to watch...I don't!! I know most think its a pitcher -catcher game and a good chunk of it is!! But you just never know whats gonna happen. I must get the love of the game from my dad. I can remember him teaching me to bat when I was just a lil tike. I would hang out with him on the couch watching baseball while my mom was in the wonder I SUCK at anything domestic!!! I really miss playing......I hope somebody picks me up this baby making days are over so I can get back out on the field....and maybe loose a pound or two in the process.
I've been soooooo excited watching this World Series....I'm happy for Boston to have made it in!! I was in awe watching them coming from behind to head to the WS!!! In the same breath I'm also happy for Colorado....I know my fellow Canadians.....especially from the west coast ( which is where I am from) will be cheering hard for Colorado...due to the Delta Pitcher Jeff Francis.......But in my defense.... I am Canadian.....but lived in Massachusetts, visited every summer for my entire high school years, still have life long friends from there and for those of you who don't know Boston Red Sox have a Canadian there!! I will say I don't wanna see any blow out games like last nites.....I also don't wanna see a sweep!!!! I just wanna see some GOOD BALL!! Just wish I could be in the stands watching, singing, drinking, eating and cheering!!! GO SOX GO!!!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I don't get watching baseball games at all...actually even playing baseball doesn't appeal to me!
    But're a natural on the field! I'll come and hang with the babies this summer while you kick some butt on the in/out field!!!