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Me and my babes TACKY STYLE
Tasha and Tori
"Satan" be gone spray
"it" with his so ugly its cute Ostrich
" Please name me!!"
"Happy Mama"

" Flowered powered Marion"
" The girls with there "milk drinks""
" the gang"
Even Cleo got Lei'd
"you go girl"

" how low can you goooooo"
" do the limbo"
"watch thoses things you might take an eye out!!"
" junior partier"

The weekend was NUTZ!!!! but sooooooo much fun!! Pen -Pen had a Luau was a hoot!! She and I were running around all day picking up this and that and trying to get the house together and decorated and stuff made plus us dressed up!! It was comical.....I was one hell of a tacky tourist!! Kali was a mix of part grass skirt shaker and part tacky tourist...Parker was all around lil Hawaiian stud! Doug was day shift so he was coming over after work to pick up the kidlets to let mama let loose!!!!! And boy I let loose alright!!!I think I thru my hip out doing the LIMBO!!! Penny had a water filled aquarium bra on...that weighed at least 5 pounds and by the end of the night was hanging around her waist leaving a puddle trail!! Jenny lost her flowered boobies in the chip dip bowl, Laura poked my Boobs with her finger thinking they were fake!! AND THEY AREN"T!!!!!! Nancy tried doing "worm" across the floor and pulled a quad muscle. Michelle would drink pure gasoline if you put it in a fancy glass with an umbrella straw. Marion probably thought "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE??" We shook the house off the foundation with our BAD version of KARAOKE YELLING!!! Penny couldn't make a good blender drink even with the recipes!!! Laura danced her grass skirt right off!! Lets just say THANK GOD SHE HAD ON UNDIES!!! Hal thought we were all on glue!! Some of us decided to venture to the keg for some pool. I think everyone there thought it was a stagette. I told Rick it was mine when he asked what the occasion was and then said "didn't you hear Doug and I are getting married next weekend"..... he almost choked... he was speechless and flabbergasted!!! It was hilarious!! If there would of been a pole on the bar I think some of us would of tried to dance with it!! I wanted to do my cat crawl across the floor but thought better of it and refrained!!( probably a smart move on my part!!) it was alot of fun!! looking forward to the next function!!

We also behind Penny and Hals back planned a surprise doggie shower for new lil RIO..or is it Quad....or Tucker.....or Tank ...anyway ......whatever they decide to name him. Soooooo we all bombarded Pennys home today at noon and SHOCKED THE SHIT OUT OF HER ....with her own lil Doggie shower was it ever cute!!! Rio and Cleo have enough new stuffies and goodies to last em at least a year!!! They got some really cool toys and stuff it was good and we had lots of leftover food from the Luau to feed everyone. Thanks Sue and Tasha for coming all the way from blogland to join in our fun!! Hal got home at lunch and just thought there was another party going on!!!( do we PARTY that much?...its a SUNDAY AFTERNOON??? ) When we told him it was a Doggie shower he said " well thats the first I ever heard of that!!" " you guys are Nuts!!" But it was all great fun!! we love yeah!! The two of you are such amazingly awesome people and I'm soooooo happy to include you in our extended family!!Hope you liked it!! heres some pictures!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Wish I would have felt a little bitter to hit the Keg with you girls!! Had a riot!! Next one should be a sleepover in Terrace!! A hoedown(like cowboys not hoes...ha!)dress up in our hick gear and have some appies...karaoke and maybe the Northern...
    Kali loves the socializing that's for sure...she takes after her mama!
    Great times with you guys are the best!!
    Love you!
    Hope your Thanksgiving dinner turned out fantabulouso...I'm walking off my eatfest in a couple of minutes!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Just had to add...the group photo should read..."where's Kali?" and once you enlarge the photo Parker has a pure man look on his face...scared shitless..."mama who are these scary Aunties???"