Shari & Tasha reunited!!
Sitting pretty!!
Gal pals, Stacey, Me & Tasha
Tasha and lil Miss K.J

This post is for that I know she is back home in Australia safe and sound. It was amazing being able to meet up with her in PG. Shes a great girl!! We met while backpacking in Europe. We hit it off and travelled a few countries together. It was alot of fun.....and seeing her again brought back alot of great trekking memories. She informed me she is "IN CHECK with her life" and I hope she is. I don't wanna see her getting hurt. Sooooo girl you best be keeping me posted on the home front!!! And I wanna hear how the rest of the trip went!!! It was awesome to see you and I wish you lived closer!!! I am glad to know that you check my blog to keep tabs on me!! So email me and fill me in every once and awhile or leave a comment here!! big hugs and kisses to you girl!!! did you get to see a Grizz?

trying out this new picture thing I found on someone elses blog...what do you think??? Hope it works!! Didn't work had to do it the old way!!! Too tired to keep trying!!

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2 Responses
  1. paleraven50 Says:

    hi shari, so that was you that phoned mike said that a shari had phoned i didn't know if it was you or sherry from the dentist, actually i am a visual learner so whenever you have the time pop by ok. bring the kids or not whatever i'm in no hurry. thanks so much.

  2. Tasha Says:

    yeh for you and your blog!!! great photos and it was sooo great to see you too 'mom'!!!! (oh how life can change!) will drop you an email shortly! xxx