What's the most serious accident or illness you have ever had?Again thanks to Annie for hosting!
I don't know which one to choose!! Not that I have had alot to choose from.....I guess its all on your definition of SERIOUS!!
I've been in two car accidents...1. hit black ice and rolled in the on coming traffic lane...but wasn't hit by oncoming traffic, wasn't hit by flying wheelchairs from the back of my SUV...truck did a 180' landed upright got out, shook ourselves off and... two cars behind me was a tow we went!!
Second car accident was my bro and I were driving home from Terrace and he asked me what some valley was called soooo I slowed down to look out the side window...then when I looked back we hit a moose. but if I wouldn't of slowed down the moose would of come thru the windshield instead of where I hit him...then the song on the radio came back on "its a wonderful life" and my bro jay and I just looked at each other!
Then theres the birth of my son...scary ordeal...thinking everything is going smoothly to finding out that your placenta has torn away from your uterus and the baby's life line has been cut off and you are still internally bleeding...but we were in the right place at the right time so all went smooth.
I think my broken nose takes the cake!!( I know its probably not a biggie compared to the last two...but the others were more SERIOUS..I felt comfortable and secure like I knew all was okay like God was there with me...but the NOSE that was a right hook I don't think even he saw coming!!) I was at a wheelchair basketball practice and we were playing hard in a scrimmage a teammate Dana had the ball and I along with two others were trying to steal the ball from him....he starts throwing his elbows around to break free of us and one hit the side of my nose ALL WE HEARD WAS CRACK!! I put my head in my lap and sat there a happened sooo fast I really didn't feel anything. Everyone said look up look up and when I did I could tell by the look on my teammates faces that something wasn't didn't bleed but apparently my nose was sitting on the apple of my right cheek!! Not a pretty sight! the worse thing is we go to the hospital they say "Oh we'll give you a shot in your butt to help you sleep and come back tomorrow afternoon to have surgery!!" Great....for 12 hours I was not a pretty sight! I told my dad and all he could say was "Shari why...your nose looked so good in the middle of your face!" Thanks DAD!!

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7 Responses
  1. Nancy Face Says:

    OH...MY...GOODNESS! Your story had me gasping out loud more than once! Who else can say that they hit a moose...or that their nose got whacked into their cheek? YIKES! It's such a blessing that you're okay! :)

  2. Your dad sounds like my dad. It is so painful to even be bumped in the nose! Man that had to hurt!

  3. Theresa Says:

    Hi-Wow flipping your truck, walking away and the tow truck right there-very lucky.

    My husband hit a dear that came through his windshield and he got glass in his eye-I can't imagine all the damage a moose would do-yes lucky you slowed down.

    However that broken nose story-Ouch!!! not so lucky there-that just sounds painful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog-As a first time visitor, just want to say I like the picture of the kid in front of that cute little dog:)

  4. Jenny Says:

    Scary stuff...I started mine,but didn't finish.

  5. Jenny Says:

    I'm getting the major heebie jeebies thinking of my nose being broken...scary stuff!

  6. KC Says:

    your dad has me cracking up, he sounds too funny. BUT ouch about the nose. Your car accidents were scary too. BUT the birth of your son made my heart stop. I have had two very touch and go scary births like that, both of my boys.. my girls thought they wouldn't scary me to death while being born.
    The question you left in my comment section I answered today in a part 2 post to my time travel tuesday post. I just wanted to let you know so you didn't think I left ya hanging :)
    Great ttt.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    omg, at work laughing my ass off! Those are great, looks like one i'll have to post to but nothing quite like yours, lol.