I often think about friends that I had while growing up in the states!!! Every summer when I went back, there'd be Holly, Karen and I doing everything together!! Mostly riding our bikes to Sunset Lake and spending all day there!! Part of me misses thoses days. I am soooooooooo horrible for keeping in better touch....I'm sure we are all guilty of this! Life seems to take over and there NEVER seems to be enough hours in the day!
Yesterday with Thanksgiving approaching and reminiscing about living states side I wondered how my friend Holly was doing( Only because I know she takes care of children and wished she lived closer ) instead of just thinking about it I gave her a call!! It was soooo nice to hear her new england brought me back to our youth....I could picture her facial expressions and her cute lil 1/2 smile when she talks. We didn't have long to talk cuz she had a house full of kids and it was near suppertime there but the time we had was great! She is expecting her 3rd child on March 1st..... very excited for her and hope all goes well! Even though we don't keep in constant touch I would say she is one of my best buds from my youth and when we do talk its like no time has passed between us!! That is such an amazing feeling. I also found out that she occasionally reads my blog to keep up on my life and my kids. I told her she should start one so I can keep better track of her!!! (HINT HINT HINT) So heres a Shout out to Holly!!! I miss yeah girlfriend and I will try to phone every once in awhile....keep me informed with the baby scenario and say hi to that brother of yours. Though MANY MANY years have gone I often think of you and wonder how you and your family are doing! I often think about driving around in the station wagon and placing NOTES on wrong cars too!! Hope you have a wonderful day girl and know that your friendship still means everything to me!.......Boy, I should pick up the phone more cuz theres a slew of friends I would love to reconnect with! My challenge to those reading this is if there is somebody you haven't talked to in awhile and miss try contacting them!! Its worth it!!

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  1. Christy Says:

    Hey Shari! There is nothing under my bed because our bed sits on the floor..haha! We have yet to find a King size bed frame. They are hard to find and very expensive! How are your little kidlets?