The lady across the street gave me this the other day...she doesn't know who the Author is.....its sooooooo true these days!! Gramma's just aren't what they use to be!!

Gramma's off her Rocker!!

The old rocking chair is vacant today
for Gramma is no longer in it
shes off in the car to the office or shop
just buzzing around every minute
No one shoves Gramma back on the shelf
she'd versatile, forceful and dynamic
that isn't a pie in the oven, my Dear
her baking today is ceramic!
You won't see her bundle off early to bed
or seek out a warm comfy nook
Her typewriter clackity -clacks through the night
For Gramma is writing a book
Without ever taking a look at her yarn
to slow down her steady advancing
She won't tend the babies for you anymore
For Gramma has taken up dancing
She isn't content with crumbs as of old
with meager or second hand knowledge Don't bring out the mending for Gramma to do
For Gramma has gone back to college!

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