I don't know if its all men or just my man!! But I have a sneaky suspicion it is ALL MEN!!! What is up with them and empty boxes?? Why can't they throw em out? why do they feel the need to hoard them, save them, hide them, stack them, pile them!! I swear if it weren't for me every once and awhile (heaven forbid I say it) CHUCKING THEM OUT!!!! We'd be buried in BOXES...big, small DOUG keeps em all!! I wouldn't mind sooooooooo much if they were only stored in HIS space but you can see by the picture it belongs in my PANTRY with my COOKBOOKS!!!

Scenario goes like this!

1. light broken outside.....why keep broken one? ( that's a whole other story)

2. Bought new light, installed...why keep box?

No, really I need someone to EXPLAIN to me Why keep a box that we will never put the light back into!! ITS AFFIXED TO A WALL NOW OUTSIDE!!

Point of the box would be....nope.... I am Struggling for a use! its to small for anything to mail its bashed in on one side. I don't know I just don't get it like Women and shoes and purses? Cuz I get that...theres purpose there and style....but a cardboard BOX!!! Does everyone have this problem? or maybe it is just me!!

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  1. paleraven50 Says:

    ok this is to funny, Mike keeps boxes of things he buys for a while just in case something happens to the thing and he has to return it?????? then all of a sudden when i go to put out the garbage on wed. there are the boxes stacked neatly by the can waiting to go to the curb now what is that all about?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sorry girl, don't have this problem with my hubby. He's the opposite end of the spectrum. Some would say that it's so good that I have a neat freak for a husband, but it is hard. Somedays would love a husband that didn't care as much!LOL