The other nite Doug came home with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers......he walked in the door and I could see them...quickly in my mind I started to run down the list!!"WHAT OCCASION DID I FORGET?"...nope not our anniversary, not Valentines, not the birthdays of my children, not my birthday, not mothers day, I forgetting something?? " so I blurt out whats the Occasion?...."

Dougs response " No reason, just that you are a wonderful Wife to be and a wonderful mother to our kids!"

me..AWEEEEEEE " Thank you babe"

My insides felt all tingly, Doug has ALWAYS had the ability to make my heart leap, to bring me warm fuzzy feelings. He may not be as romantic as some other guys but when he is its straight from his heart and makes me feel like a BILLION BUCKS!! His actions say it all....HE LOVES ME and I am the luckiest girl for it!!

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  1. paleraven50 Says:

    shari, the flowers are awesome, what a sweet guy you have and yes he is definitely a keeper. wow and he picked the flowers out himself, good taste, just like his woman. Have a great day, Sue