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Welcome come on in..... help yourself to a cup of hot chocolate and fangelico grab a cookie or two and take a seat next to the fire place!! Enjoy your stay! Sorry I decided last minute that I was gonna partake so I don't have a huge spread of food... maybe next year!! I also didn't decorate the whole house like we normally do so this year its just the living room and a bit in the entry. I will share with you some of my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS THINGS!!
I'm not a big drinker but hot chocolate and Fangelico is sooooo warming and yummy!!

Heres my double mantel theres a stocking for dad ( notice how its the biggest!) Then theres mine faux leopard very hot, Kali joy has two one I bought and one Nana bought, PT has a good sized one from Nana and the end one is our dogs Alibi....Guess I should add Nana and Papa bought it....though this is probably the first time Papa has seen it!

This is one of my VERY Favorite trees ornaments Doug gave me this our first Christmas together and I knew then if he was buying me a keepsake for our tree we were gonna be in this for the long haul!

The following year he bought me this one but we haven't been able to find any others since then.

These three angels were given to me by my mom when I first moved out on my own and I sooooo Cherish them.

IJust love this one ....My best friend Jenny gave me this for a keep sake of my daughters birth.....truer words were never spoken

"A Gift from God"

This one is in memory of my dog Polo who I loved and spoiled for 13 years!

This lil bear hanging on a bell string was one of my baby ornaments...I remember as a child my mom always telling me to hang it low enough to hit the presents so the bell would ring.

I have two of these for Kali they are great they open up and you fill in all about your Christmas and what you got, what special memories you want to keep and cherish.....ours holds Doug asking me to marry him while on one knee holding our daughter in one hand and my hand in the other and in the back ground played " I wanna grow old with you" by Adam Sandler and the other book holds the announcement of us having a baby boy for this year...and wow here he cute as a button!

This is another Nana and Papa special to announce Parkers arrival....its hand crafted and beautiful!This one is Angel by my side....When my adoptive Mother passed away a few years ago my good friend Terry bought this for me as a reminder of her love for me and how she will always be there by my side watching over me!

Last but not least this is my Nativity scene from when I was a little girl.I remember every nite before bed picking up baby Jesus and giving him a kiss good nite. i would spend hours playing with this set and setting it up over and over again until I got it just right.

Well thats all folks hope you enjoyed my stuff I know its not much but I will try to get more stuff out for next years.....if you wanna see some cute ideas for kids photos check out my photoblog listed on my side link. Please leave a lil hello so I know you were by. Happy Holidays everyone!!

Ps if anyone knows how I can fix my side ways pics please let me know!! I don't know why some will turn and stay and others won't!! Its annoying!
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11 Responses
  1. Cyndi Says:

    Oh, it's all so gorgeous! I love your fireplace. And the kids pics are absolutely precious!

    I fix my sideways pictures in the program that uploads them in my computer. There's a little arrow thingy that I click. (There, now wasn't that useful information?)

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful home!!!
    Merry Christmas,
    P.S. The pic of your little angels (kids) are the best!!!

  3. Nadine Says:

    What a beautiful home. The fireplace is stunning. Merry Christmas.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Your are quite a photographer! Love your ornaments, especially the angels.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i love your "favorite" things picture! gorgeous!
    and I didn't see a side way pic, but if you need help, feel free to email me the160acrewoods at and I'll gladly fix it for you! I'm a photo geek! :)

  6. loved all of your decoations! Your home is absolutely lovely!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Dawn Says:

    What a pretty tree you have! I have seen some stunning trees on this Christmas Home Blog tour thing and then I look at my tree with lights all crooked and think "why cant mine look like that"...LOL.

    Thank you for inviting me into your home!

    Merry Christmas from Dawn in Germany!

  8. joni Says:

    Shari you won't be disappointed!!.. well i hope you won't .. {i am at present watching it} This is my 7th time this season!! crazy eh?!! hehe, i love it! What can i say?!

    your daughter will enjoy it too. i am sure.. if not i will refund you!!
    its cute witty great music lovely pictures.. "It's rawther extraordinary!"

  9. Cindy Says:

    That is the world's most adorable photo!!! And you have a beautiful home.

    I have the same problem with vertical pics; all I've figured out to do is upload verticals to first; they automatically turn them. If you find out a better way, I'd love to hear!!!

  10. joni Says:

    Well its boxing day have you opened up that dvd yet???? common don't hold me in suspense much longer. do you love it as much as me?? hehe i am watching 'Eloise at the Plaza' love it, love it, love it!!

  11. Sharri Says:

    I really loved your photographs--you're a talented photographer!
    The children are lovely!

    Also loved that you showcased some of your special ornaments (I loved the angels) great idea!

    Have a happy New Year!