I know I need to blog...but been enjoying my last days of freedom with my kids and hunny. I have to go back to school and after WORK in Jan. So sorry to tease you with this short lil post of nothing! I am very thankful that my MIL will be coming on the third to care for my wee ones while I'm back in school for the two and a half weeks! That is a major relief!! She is a very capable woman so I should be able to put my nose to the grindstone....seeing how I haven't even looked at my books. and normally I've read it cover to cover and pre done all the homework and updated my notes! YIKES!!! I'll be on brain overload soon. I wish everyone a wonderful New Years!! May 2008 be all you want it to be and MORE!! May Peace, love and friendship follow you for all of your days. I will try to upload some Christmas Pics soon!

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2 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    k, it's been 24 hours now...
    pictures?! LMAO

    Off to actually do a blog of my own....

  2. Jenny Says:

    Good luck with your First Aid course!!
    You'll kick butt!!