Today I attempted to take pictures of both my kidlets dressed up!!! This is not an easy feet!! I think working with untrained animals might be easier!! I got a few of Kali alone as an angel and some of PT as Santa and a few of them together.......Parker is WAY easier to work with!! And its only cuz he can't really move yet!!! I wanted to change Kalis clothes into her elf outfit but she was having no part of it.....she just wanted to run around in her undies!!!! I'm too tired tonite to upload em but will try at some point tomorrow!! We are interviewing a sitter at 10 am and I am SOOOOOOO excited in my gut I already know she is the one....She is almost to good to be true! Shes retired, lives behind us, is bored and tried of cleaning her house all day to pass the time, loves kids, her own Grandchildren don't live near by so she misses that, its not about the money cuz they are fine in that department, and she doesn't want full time and likes that we are shift workers!! Plus I have known her in a around about way for years!! And really like her and her husband....she will be like a Gramma figure. After she phoned me I just looked up to the Heavens and said THANK YOU for my early Christmas gift!!! Hope all goes well!! Wish me luck!!

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  1. Theresa Says:

    Always a comforting feeling to leave your children with someone you feel so good about.
    Good news!