Okay there is relief we HAVE our Nanny!! I am over the moon about it!! She seems AWESOME and super flexible and just lives houses away from us!! We are so thankful that she is interested and Kali and PT took to her today right away!...Kali grabbed her by the hand and led her to her room and when she went to leave she gave Trudi a big hug!!.....Sorry about not getting to posting the pictures today!! Pen kept me out SHOPPING ALL DAY...go blame her! and she has a disc of pictures I need to upload....( she was nice enough to fix some of my photos for me!) .......Doug, if you are reading this a GREAT Xmas gift would be some kind of photo editing program!! so thought I'd upload a few before bed! will put these on my photoblog along with some others when I have 5mins to myself that isn't 1 in the morning!! so off I am going to bed......Mom, if you are reading this sorry I didn't get a chance to call you today. I will phone you on the 19th cuz I know how hard that day will be for you! You were in my thoughts today!! and we Love you!

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9 Responses
  1. Janelle Says:

    those are some of THE most beautiful pics i've ever seen! what a GREAT idea!! they are so huggable those two!! :)

  2. joni Says:

    very cute indeed.. my fav.. the littlest santa ..(the one with the beard)hehe love it.

    ps thanks for stopping by.
    and yes i do miss our jennaliscious.. can't wait till she gets her new pc.

    *merry christmas*

  3. Jenny Says:

    Beautiful pics of the babes!!!!!
    I'll call you in the next few days so you can fill me in what's happening!
    Love you!!

  4. Christy Says:

    So cute! I can't believe how big PT is!! Sitting up and everything!

  5. paleraven50 Says:

    way to go shari, so happy you and doug found a nanny, hope everything works out well for the both of you with work, etc. the pics of your little darlings were great thanks. good luck with your first aid shari. youwill do well, and good luck on your exam.

  6. Theresa Says:

    Oh my gosh, what great pictures! I loved all of them, my favorite was the one your daughter is touching the shoulder of your son, it looks like she is imparting some great wisdom!

    Glad the nanny is working out so well!

  7. Pen Says:

    I'm so impressed by the quality of your pictures Shari! These are beautiful and the kids are so photogenic!!

  8. Sharijoy Says:

    Thanks guys!! I thought they came out pretty cute too!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    They are beautiful children, they take after there Papa. Great pictures Keep them comming